What Clients are saying about Neil Fiore:

“Excellent! You provided practical business examples [we] could take back to the office and communicate easily to managers. Your presentation was a conference highlight.”

— Pat Hurley, Conference Coordinator,
National Human Resources Association

“Seldom do we have a sell-out crowd on a Monday evening, but your topic really drew more than twice the number we expected, and they got their money’s worth. Very informative and entertaining.”

— Gary A. Wollin, Chairman, Business Economic Section,
Commonwealth Club of California

“Effective techniques were identified by your clear, informative, and stimulating presentation. Each member appreciated the opportunity to participate at whatever level they chose. You were a pivotal in making our Administrative retreat day worthwhile for our team.”

— Bernadette Smith, Chief Operating Officer,
Seton Medical Center

“I found your Mind-Body-Spirit workshop informative, helpful, and inspiring. I don’t remember any workshop being so rewarding on both an intellectual and emotional level.”

— Jane H., Bay Area Psychologist.

“I have taken several courses at the Smithsonian, but never one that I have enjoyed more. I appreciated all the concrete and practical examples you gave for implementing your self-coaching system. This was the first time that I have been exposed (by book, audio tape, or lecture) to a “self-help” system and came away believing that it just might work in the real world. Thanks again for an outstanding seminar.

— Barbara B., Attorney

“Neil delivers solid take-home solutions to
complex business, customer, and personnel challenges.”