Overcome Procrastination

Inspirational Speaker Neil Fiore, PhD an executive coach, a psychologist, trainer and author has helped thousands of people and hundreds of organizations become more productive and achieve their optimal potential.

Inspirational speaker Neil Fiore provides his audiences and his one-on-one coaching and therapy clients with practical tools for overcoming procrastination and workaholism, managing stress, and increasing joy and balance in their lives.

Dr Neil Fiore’s Overcome Procrastination preview of upcoming webinars:

“7 Strategies for Success in Business & Life”

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Essential Strategies – Webinar Coaching Series *NEW*

Essential Strategies – Webinar Coaching Series

Essential Strategies for Success in Business and Life:3 Strategies for Success Webinars, 55-page eBook, Handouts, and Recordings of the 3 webinars. Every two weeks you will have a session from Dr. Neil Fiore, the author of the best-selling book The Now Habit for Overcoming Procrastination. Each of the 3 webinars will be based on your questions, your issues, and what you need to do in order to tailor techniques and strategies to your life and work situation.This program includes:

  • 3 Strategies for Success Webinars for just $397.
  • The complete 55-page eBook that will sell on Kindle for $49
  • Interactive Webinars that will be tailored to meet your needs
  • Handouts of the slides and bonus handouts valued at over $2,000
  • Access to recordings of the webinars

Sign up for the 3 coaching webinars at considerable saving over individual executive coaching. We’ll record each webinar so you can listen when it’s most convenient for you. Available to you at several times in your time zone every two weeks so you’ll have a chance to apply the strategies to the work and life issues most important to you. When you sign up you will receive bonuses, handouts, and a complete eBook valued at over $2000.


3 Webinars to Change Your Life:

 1. Overcome Procrastination, Workaholism, and Perfectionism: Learn how to: Stop Wasting Your Time; Work Efficiently, and Produce more with less effort; and how to make more guilt-free time available for living and playing. In this first webinar, Dr. Fiore will reveal his latest strategies and share the latest research on how to stop procrastinating, perform optimally, and live a full life.

BONUS: Learn the Rules of Behavior-Taking Charge of Your Habits

2. Peak Performance for Efficiency and Optimal Productivity

Learn the techniques that peak performers in sports and business have used for decades.
Dr. Fiore will help you apply them to your work and leisure activities. Once you begin to apply these 3 peak performance skills your tendency to procrastinate will be reduced significantly while your productivity will markedly increase.

BONUS: How Getting Things Started Gets Things Done: Put an End to Endless To-Do Lists

3. Effective Goal Setting: 4 Essential Steps to Success

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stop smoking, or fulfill the requirements of your job, how you set your goals will determine your success or failure. Learn the 4 essential parts of effective goal setting to insure long-term commitment and success. Learn how to overcome ambivalence and evoke the cooperation and wisdom of your body and mind in achieving your goals in spite of distractions or setbacks.

BONUS: Learn how to prepare for long-term habit change so you easily push aside old negative “default” habits and replace them with the healthy habits you’ve been learning over the course of these 3 awesome webinars.

So we can use our time together most efficiently, email me at neil@neilfiore.com the answers to at least the first three questions:

1. What are your business/career goals? What are your personal goals?
2. What would you like to achieve in your work with me within 3 to 10 months?
3. What’s keeping you from achieving your goals?
4. What problems are keeping you awake?
5. What have you tried to overcome your blocks to success?


“Neil helped me break my addiction to tobacco when no one or other process worked. I also learned a great deal about myself that was transferable beyond this one primary objective. Without Neil, I would probably still be in a one month on and one month off cycle of anger and despair, unable to break the habit and unsure of what to do next.”

–John Lane, Market Development Consultant

“Neil is a wonderful public speaker, author, and clinical practitioner. He is creative, articulate, and witty and a wonderful open-hearted human being!”

–Maggie Phillips, Psychologist and expert on stress and pain