In today’s rapidly changing world, effective leaders—like peak performing athletes—rely on coaches to give them a competitive edge. Our work together—combining your life experience and my experience in management, leadership, habit change and interpersonal skills—will help you to excel and avoid costly errors and delays. Our coaching sessions—built around your schedule—will build on your strengths and replace negative, costly habits, with new skills to yield consistent positive results  that will help you live a balanced life for long-term personal and business success.

Let me help you blast through the blocks that are keeping you stuck so you can start today achieving greater levels of success and fulfillment.


“Neil’s coaching gave me a new sense of excitement about my work and a priceless sense of enjoyment for both my work and my life! Before working with Dr. Fiore, I spent nearly two years on a single writing project . . . driving myself into the ground and destroying my confidence. His coaching turned all that around. In only six months of coaching with Neil, I’ve taken a new writing project from conception to completion and am working happily and productively on another. It’s by far the best work I’ve done in years — and at the same time the rest of my life has become richer and more satisfying. Thanks Dr. Fiore!”
— Richard D., Screenwriter, Los Angeles

“I was working with my nose to the grindstone, faxing at 3 AM, totally out of touch with my commitments to my health and my family. I was a real workaholic. Now, I’m doing the top priority work that relates to the bottom line and I’m done before 7 p.m. Neil helped me shift to a project manager’s perspective where I can see the big picture, focus on getting results, and maintain my commitment to my personal life. In less than 3 months, I doubled my productivity and my income by learning how to do the right work and take charge of my schedule. I highly recommend his unique process.”

— Ellen, the CEO of a technical editing firm based in Silicon Valley
“I just finished my last coaching session with Dr. Neil Fiore, Author of “The Now Habit”. I highly recommend the book and his coaching if you really want to enjoy your work, be more productive and find some peace of mind in your career and everyday life.”

— Mark S., Senior IT Account Executive

You have the skills. Let me help you enhance them to reach your full potential.

Your superior talents have brought you to your current level of success. Rather than trying to change your style, my coaching enhances your skills and brings them to higher levels. Together we’ll define the behavioral objectives that will ensure that you’re on the path to effective goal setting and achievement. Together we’ll decide the specific steps to success for your business, health, and relationships—all in the strictest confidence.

Coaching can help you:

  • Change habits, attitudes, and old patterns that are keeping you from optimal performance and optimal enjoyment of your life and career
  • Brainstorm effective management strategies and solutions
  • Develop creative solutions to complex business and personnel problems
  • Make a transformational shift that leads to effective leadership, clear sense of mission, and the ability to perform In The Zone
  • Find greater meaning and purpose in your life and on your job

NOTICE: Because of extraordinary demand and my shift to Group Coaching Webinars—see –I am no longer offering individual sample sessions. I am, however, offering group webinars as well as the opportunity to email me your questions about coaching along with a statement of your goals.

I encourage you to submit a more thorough email of goals and issues to and, after my email confirmation, choose whether 12 or 8 sessions works best for you.

Please consider these questions about your goals and answer as many as you wish in an email to

What are your goals? What would you like to achieve in your work with me within 3 to 6 months?

Sample goals: Have more confidence, stop procrastinating, be more decisive, improve my ability to focus, be more productive, live a more balanced life, stop distractions?


How would you feel if you could achieve your top priority goals in the next 3 to 6 months? Take a minute to imagine the sense of achievement, effectiveness, and joy. See yourself there.


What’s keeping you from achieving your goals?


What problems or worries are keeping you awake?


What have you tried to overcome your blocks to success?


How soon could you start coaching once or twice a week for 25 minutes per session?


Once we schedule times for weekly sessions, I’ll help you get started with the tools and strategies that have helped thousands of my clients, readers, and seminar participants achieve their goals and eliminate most of their stress, anxiety, and worry.

Your Investment in Your SELF

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12 sessions of 25 minutes, $1899 to be used within 6

8 sessions of 25 minutes, $1349 to be used within 3

For Graduates only!
4 session tune-up of 25 minutes is available for $729 if you’ve previously completed 12 or 8 sessions.


Note: If scheduling permits, you can often combine two 25-minute sessions.


The Fiore Productivity Philosophy:

At Fiore Productivity, we emphasize the importance of giving you Self-Leadership tools that are consistent with your mission, personal values, and the culture of your organization. We show you how to accelerate the achievement of your goals by entering “The Zone” – a state of focused concentration, energy, and joyfulness. In “The Zone” peak performers in sports and business do the right work at the right time with half the effort. This process will get you unstuck from the old pattern of simply trying harder in first gear and will launch you into an overdrive where you’re hitting on more brain-cell cylinders, flying over obstacles, and accomplishing more of the tasks that make a bottom-line difference. My passion is to see you succeed in achieving your goals and full potential.